Teambuilding through the power of drumming
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African Beat at you conference

Program Options

You don't have to be a drummer or have musical experience to love our team building programs.
All packages can be tailored to incorporate your theme.

Download The Big Bang Package for groups of less than 100 people Download The Big Bang Package for groups of more than 100 people

Interactive Drumming
Interactive Drumming
  • A drum for everyone
  • Master Drummers from Africa
  • Inhibitions melt away
  • Discover your combined potential
  • Empowering & productive

Group size 10 to 1000 people

Time to Suit You 5 - 60 mins

Ideal for: Conferences, icebreakers, energisers, awards nights, Christmas party, gala dinners, corporate events.

Add ons:
Body Percussion add 5-10 mins
Boomwhackers add 15-20 mins

Download PDF Interactive DrummingDownload PDF Interactive Drumming

Team Challenge
Team Challenge
  • Extension of the Interactive Drumming Program
  • Hand held percussion instrument for everyone eg: shaker, bell, tambourine
  • Divide the group into smaller teams for musical team work
  • Requires collaboration, decision making & creativity.
  • Work toward a common goal

Group size 20 to 100 people

Time to suit you 60-90 mins

Ideal for: corporate days, team building days, conference breakout sessions.

Add Ons:
Body Percussion add 5-10 mins

Download Team Challenge PDFDownload PDF for Team Challenge

Interactive Boomwhackers
Interactive Boomwhackers

Boomwhackers are coloured musical tubes.

  • Each participant hits a tube to create a sound.
  • Our facilitators guide your team to create a song with the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.
  • Short dynamic sessions
  • Vibrant, colourful, fun

Group size 20 to 1000 people

Time frame 15-20 mins

Ideal for: ice breakers, energisers, conferences, breakouts, off sites, corporate retreats, team exercises, team activity.

Add Ons:
Body Percussion add 5-10 mins

Interactive Drumming
Team Challenge (groups of 100 or less)

Download Interactive Boomwhackers PDFDownload PDF Interactive Boomwhackers