Teambuilding through the power of drumming
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Team Building - What We Do

Interactive Drumming
Your company has organised another conference. It's a drab day ahead and you anticipate drinking lots of coffee to stay alert through a series of speakers. As you arrive dynamic sounds of drumming surprise you and instantly lift your mood. African drummers in colourful costumes are beating vibrant rhythms at your conference venue!

There's a drum on every chair. In order to sit down, you need to pick up a drum - curiosity takes over. You start playing a few beats, in time with the simple pulse that surrounds you. Your colleagues are also joining in, everyone is smiling. Even though you've never touched a drum, it's second nature.

This is the beginning of a fun-filled drumming adventure. Within minutes, your team is transformed into a percussion orchestra, finding a common beat.
  • A drum for everyone
  • Master African Drummers - the real deal
  • No prior experience necessary
  • Non-competitive
  • Making music together showcases teamwork
  • Drumming requires trust, listening skills & co-operation
  • Incorporate your conference theme
  • Be revived & reach a unified goal
  • Have FUN! Leave feeling exhilarated

African Beat has impressed groups from 10 to over 1000 participants. We have the experience under our belts to deliver a successful drum team building event for groups of all shapes and sizes.
Program options

Team Challenge
This program is an extension of our Interactive Drumming activity. Your team is already empowered from their drumming experience, now they are ready to work more closely with their associates in smaller groups - creating their own rhythms.

  • Forging new connections inspired by music
  • Fun team bonding activity
  • Non-confronting experience
  • 100% engagement

Program options

Interactive Boomwhackers
Imagine everyone in your company making music together with brightly coloured music tubes! Each tube is pitched to a particular musical note. African Beat guides each person in harmony, creating a spectacular multi-coloured orchestra.

  • Fun instrument for group team building
  • Creative team building activity
  • Lifts the energy and motivates
  • Communicate through music
  • Exciting & energising

Boomwhackers are a wonderful follow-on from drumming as they introduce melody.
Program options

Body Percussion
Even without instruments, we can make music. If you have just a few minutes available, we can get toes tapping, hands clapping and build teams through the original musical instrument - the human body. It's simple & effective. Our African drummers are experts in rhythm, they know how to break it down, and build it up!

  • Quick, easy, fun!
  • Great addition to our other programs
  • Team building through the power of rhythm
  • Create a sense of achievement
  • Stimulate left brain/right brain
  • Energise everyone
  • Excellent icebreaker

Perfect for groups looking for a dynamic team building blitz, or as an extra component to the Interactive Drumming.

Group size unlimited!

"When we were looking for different team building exercises for our recent conference, I came across African Beat on the internet. I was looking for something that was unusual, that would take people out of their comfort zone, where people from totally different levels were equal in standing, and most importantly would be great fun. My expectations were exceeded by the troop from African Beat. It took very little time to get everyone in the groove and working together as a team and people who thought they had no musical bones in their body were getting right in to it. The African Beat team quickly built up great energy in the room and their drumming was extraordinary. The session finished with a team building exercise that was fantastic fun and had people stepping out of their comfort zone with little hesitation. If you're looking for something unusual that people will remember forever and helps build teams, then African Beat is for you!"
Adrian Grbac - National Sales Manager, BP Bitumen, BP Australia P/L

Program options

African Beat's activities for team building are ideal for any team event, including:

  • Conferences
  • Ice breakers / Energisers
  • Awards Nights
  • Road Shows
  • Product Launches
  • Stress & Change Management
  • Christmas Parties
  • Special Events

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“African Beat was probably the best idea OPORTO ever thought of!” Andrew Guerreiro, Oporto

“The day was fantastic and the guys were brilliant.  Everyone really enjoyed the drumming session and the only complaint was everyone ended up with bruises from over enthusiastically drumming!” Zana Mills, Nova Entertainment